Goals the Week of MEETINGS

Yes, we have reached the time of year where there is something going on about every day. The reward is that this week one grade level will be on a field trip one day, and we have inservice next Monday, so next week will be “short.” Right now my classes are going well except for the SPED pre-K. I don’t really know what to do with them to keep them occupied for 45 minutes. I’m taking giant Legos tomorrow to see if that helps.

Eden’s Promise is on sale this week on Amazon, and I’ve been working on Facebook ads this morning. I’ve not had great success with those, try as I might.

We spent yesterday cleaning the garage and painting a cabinet, so busy day. Then I finished my edits last night and sent them to the boxed set I’ll be in next month. Whew! I’m looking forward to decorating and working on a new book today.

  1. Boom Town book
  2. AFT meeting
  3. PLC meeting
  4. Website training
  5. Take out ads
  6. Decorate for Halloween

Goals the Last Week of September


MAN last week was rough, getting up at 3:30 to finish my book. I need SLEEP! We’re heading to a birthday party in a bit, so no nap. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp…….

We got new phones this week and that’s just a pain, resetting everything, remembering passwords….

  1. Will’s birthday party
  2. Boom Town book
  3. Faculty meeting
  4. Take out ads
  5. Go see The Martian
  6. Decorate for fall
  7. Clean garage
  8. Finish painting cabinet

Goals the Third Week of September

After this deadline, NO MORE DEADLINES UNTIL SUMMER! I’m losing my mind, and writing slower and slower….and not doing anything but writing!

  1. Finish novella
  2. PLC
  3. paint shelf
  4. shopping with Mom at a special fall sale on Saturday.
  5. Get Will’s birthday present
  6. Update website and blog

Happy Release Day To ME!!! Her Next Mistake, Out today!


Her Next Mistake Final

The third book in my Off-Season series is here, the story of a wild child and the soldier she wakes up married to!

Mercedes Fonseca has kissed a lot of frogs looking for her prince. The party girl of Avalon Island is looking for Mr. Right to take her away from her job as a maid in the hotel. She would make an excellent Real Housewife. Unfortunately, not many filthy rich men came to the island, so she’s just out for fun.

Efraim Tavitas is on leave from the Army and has come to Avalon to help his buddy open his new motel on the beach. He’d rather be on the Texas coast than home in Las Vegas. He’s attracted to the playful, sexy Mercedes, but he’s not ready for anything more than a fling.

So when he wakes up in bed with her with a ring on his finger…he has to decide if the fun-loving girl is wife material. And she has to figure out if she really wants to be a soldier’s wife.






New TV Season

FINALLY my favorite issue of Entertainment Weekly landed in my mailbox–the fall preview issue. I love checking out new shows, though I don’t always stick with them. And yes, I already watch a heck of a lot of TV, But I am always excited about the new season.

Sunday–I have to watch Blood and Oil, being it’s set in a Boom Town. Alas, not a Texas boom town, and not like Evansville, but still.

Then there’s The Walking Dead and The Strain.

Monday–Big Bang returns, Castle returns, Gotham returns. I’m adding Life in Pieces, the comedy with James Brolin, and Minority Report, and Supergirl when it starts.

Tuesday–Adding The Grinder with Rob Lowe, The Bastard Executioner, Grandfathered with John Stamos, Scream Queens with Jamie Lee Curtis, and possibly The Muppets to Fresh Off the Boat, SHIELD and iZombie. Hmm, that’s a full night!

Wednesday–American Horror Story: Hotel is added to Arrow and my Wednesday night comedies.

Thursday–Adding Heroes Reborn to Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Mom and Project Runway.

Friday–Adding Dr. Ken to Haven.

What are you watching? What are you looking forward to?

Goals for the Week Her Next Mistake Releases

If only!!!

Still getting used to the new routines at school, and it seems like every week is another drama. Let’s hope it starts calming down soon.

Her Next Mistake is coming out Tuesday, the third book in my Off-Season series. I have one more to write, but I’m going to write another Boom Town book before I get to it. Right now I’m working on a Christmas novella set in Bluestone. I also have a Book Bub ad this weekend. I’m excited about that.

  1. Newsletter, ads
  2. Novella
  3. Dentist—just a cleaning this time
  4. PLC
  5. Katie’s birthday
  6. Update website
  7. Go by Mom’s at some point to make a Fiesta delivery.
  8. Clean garage

Goals for the Week of Labor Day

I shouldn’t be this happy about a three-day weekend since we just came back, especially since we don’t have a break until Thanksgiving now. And this school year is stressful, let me tell you.

This week:

  1. Work on novella
  2. Take out ads
  3. Sharon’s birthday party
  4. Open House
  5. Update website
  6. Set up preorder for my novella
  7. Paint my shelf for my new Fiestaware

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