Goals for Week of AVENGERS!!!

WOW, last week was a crazy week, with yesterday being the craziest, but I made it! Thank God for monitoring during testing, is all I have to say.

This week will be a sad one. We’ll be saying goodbye to Dukey, our oldest cat. She’s 15 and, well, we probably should have taken her a month ago, but we just couldn’t, after Stormy. I had no idea she’d hold on this long, but she’s miserable. On top of that, my youngest cat has been missing since the terrible storms that rolled through Thursday night. So I’m super-stressed about that.

Today will be one more party with my visitors, then back to work tomorrow!

1) Dinner at Salt Lick

2) Vet for Dukey

3) drum circle inservice

4) Go see Avengers

5) WORK ON AVALON ISLAND!!! I haven’t written since Thursday, y’all! This is BAD. It is due to my editor May 18!!

Happy Birthday–and Happy Release Day–To ME!!!

The Cowboy’s Promenade is out today at all retailers, only 99 cents through the weekend, as a thank-you to my loyal readers. It’s the story of single mom Juliana and single dad Trace trying to make a go of a relationship, when both have been hurt before. I’ve had this pairing planned since the first book, Waltz Back to Texas, but Trace was a lot harder than I thought to convince. His divorce hasn’t been final long, and he’s in the middle of a custody battle….so how about a marriage of convenience? Only Juliana wants more.

I listened to a lot of country music while writing this. My playlist is below.

And I used Scott Eastwood and a young Debra Messing. Can you see it?


Goals for the Week of the CRAZY

Sooo. my Dad and stepmom came in last night for Fiesta on the way back to Minnesota. My cousin is coming in Thursday night. We have STAAR testing Monday through Wednesday which means a lot of sitting and waiting. My birthday is Tuesday and I have a new book coming out on Tuesday.

Crazy? You betcha. Wish me luck!

  1. My birthday
  2. Launch Promenade
  3. newsletter, etc
  4. Carolyn visiting
  5. Dad and Sue visiting
  6. Fiesta events
  7. STAAR testing
  8. Work on Avalon Island

Goals the Week Before Company

Time to panic! Didn’t get everything we wanted done. So this week will be busy. And I’d sure like to get out to see some bluebonnets.

  1. Work on Avalon Island
  2. Clean house like crazy
  3. Polka’s spa day
  4. meeting
  5. Breakfast duty
  6. Set up preorder for Avalon Island book (as soon as I get my cover!
  7. Walk Polka
  8. Dinners with Josh, since his girlfriend is out of town this week.

Goals for the Week After Easter

I miss Easter Monday holidays. We used to get a four-day weekend, but now, testing. I’m SO TIRED!! We celebrated last night, got home around 8:30 and watched an episode of 12 Monkeys before collapsing.

This is a full week at work, and next week, too, then company comes, so I’m a bit frantic right now.

This week:

1) Finish lesson plans!

2) Buy new printer

3) Finish revisions/format Boom Town book

4) Finish painting Josh’s old room

5) Take out ads

6) Look for cover art

7) Work on Avalon Island book

Goals the Week of the STAAR Test

I didn’t finish my book, but I’m close, and I will finish this week. I’m also monitoring the STAAR test two days, and we have Friday off, thank goodness, because the weekend will be busy with the Starving Artist Show and Easter.

  1. Work on Avalon Island
  2. FINISH/revise/edit Promenade
  3. STAAR test
  4. PLC meeting
  5. Starving Artist Show
  6. Take out ads
  7. Make promotional graphics
  8. Keep walking the dog
  9. Give her a bath
  10. Work in the yard

Goals the Last Full Week of March

This has been an interesting week, getting back to school, learning the habits of a new dog and teaching her ours. I haven’t gotten as much writing done as I need, so this week, I’m cracking the whip! I still have a wedding to write, some post-wedding drama and a trial. Yikes! And I can’t take off any more until May! Soooo…

  1. Finish Promenade
  2. Work on Avalon Island book
  3. Cover reveal for boxed set, including the first Avalon Island book
  4. Submit ads
  5. Paint Josh’s room
  6. Walk with Polka
  7. call accountant

Wish me luck!

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