Goals the Second Week with the Kids

This is me, since I’m editing.

Man, I’m tired, and already sick. I’ve been either in bed or on the couch as much as possible, with a danged sinus infection. Good thing I’m on antibiotics for my tooth.

School is a lot more challenging this year, and not because of the kids, who were awesome this week. Everything has changed with the new principal, new lesson plans, new duty, new everything. After this next deadline, I’m going to have to slow down with my writing. :(

  1. Finish revisions
  2. Format and upload Avalon 3
  3. Work on Christmas novella
  4. Ads
  5. Dentist. Yes, again. They couldn’t do my crown last week because they had to do a root canal.
  6. AFT representative meeting

Goals the First Week With the Kids

So here it is, the first week of school. This year is different in so many ways–new principal and VP, new procedures, new schedule, LOTS more duty :( The first week is the roughest. Next week, it will be old-hat. Usually, also the second week is Labor Day, but this year we have the kids 2 weeks before Labor Day. So that will help us get in a routine sooner.

  1. Get back in the NOISY, BUSY routine. I swear, it’s 0-70 MPH. We’re already tired.
  2. Prerelease Facebook party for Christmas boxed set
  3. ANOTHER FB party that I signed up for AGES ago and had no idea was going to be the first week of school
  4. Dentist
  5. Work on revisions
  6. Work on novella
  7. Take out ads

Goals the First Full Week of School

Last week was weird. Started school on Thursday with the new principal and VP, who I liked, but then Friday I was with the music teachers, so I’m feeling a little disoriented.

This week is really getting back in the swing. I need to find a time to walk Polka. It’s too dark before work and too hot after. She may have to wait until September!

This week:

  1. Get back in the routine—cooking, walking the dog
  2. Call vet for refills
  3. work on revisions
  4. work on novella
  5. take out ads

Goals the Week of Back to School

So lately we’ve been going back to school on a Thursday, which I don’t mind from the easing-back-in standpoint, but it sure messes up the last 3 days of vacation.

This week:

  1. Day with Mom
  2. Dentist
  3. Go back to work
  4. Work on book–Finish rough draft
  5. Start Christmas novella
  6. Get car washed
  7. Dye hair
  8. sew something
  9. walk the dog

Goals the Last Full Week of Summer Vacation

Fred’s off this week, so this is not so much a goal list as a bucket list. So many things we didn’t get to do earlier this summer because of rain, or saving for my vacation. So this week we may go a little crazy.

  1. Celebrate stepdad’s birthday
  2. Work on new book
  3. take out ads
  4. see about changing back matter in my books
  5. Work on another promo endeavor with my audiobooks
  6. go float on the river
  7. go to the drive-in
  8. try any number of restaurants we usually can’t get in because Fred gets home too late
  9. sew something
  10. clean garage
  11. walk the dog

Goals the Last Week of July

This is it, my last week of being a hermit. I’ll have a couple of appointments, and a day with Mom, but for the most part, I’m on my own. Fred’s on vacation next week, so I’m trying to get as much done this week as I can.

  1. Day with Mom
  2. Work on new book–to 40,000 words
  3. get hair cut
  4. sew something
  5. clean bedroom
  6. walk the dog
  7. Finish watching Outlander
  8. read Laura Ingalls book

Cover Criteria

I’ve been looking for new cover images for the Bluestone books. Since I’m revisiting Bluestone with a Christmas story, and need a cover for that, I decided to rebrand the lot of them. And I’ve spent WEEKS going through stock photos to find just what I want. I got a new logo this week, which I love:


Here’s the picture for the Christmas book:



Here’s the one I want for Bluestone Homecoming.



I just need two more to kind of match these. HARD TO FIND.

Here are my thoughts as I’m looking for covers:

  1. Don’t look at the camera
  2. Don’t smile
  3. Don’t be wearing white. Or shorts. Or a scarf with a short-sleeved shirt. Or a hat. Or a suit on the beach (for REALZ)
  4. Don’t be holding something, like a globe. Honestly, I found the BEST picture, and he’s holding a globe. WHYYYYY???
  5. No ridiculous haircut
  6. Put a shirt on. Geez! It’s Minnesota!

What are your cover requirements?

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