Goals the First Week of December


My house looks like this right now. Sigh.

It’s going to be a crazy one–I start practicing for the Christmas show with the kids on the stage. 6 classes on the stage, one in my classroom upstairs.  I should definitely be getting my steps this week!

I did very little as far as writing and work this last week. I sewed a lot, baked a lot, shopped online a lot. I still have a couple of small gifts for three ladies on my list, and five for the gentlemen. The mailman is going to be unhappy with me as the boxes start rolling in.

This week:

  1. Boom Town book
  2. Start practicing for the Christmas shows
  3. Wassailfest in New Braunfels
  4. Madrigal singers at my brother’s school
  5. sew something
  6. Try to find a home for Ghost (the kitten I found the week before break)
  7. Spend my Kohl’s cash earned last week on a mad shopping trip!

Goals the Week of Thanksgiving Break


Last week was the last regular week of school I’ll have for a long time–I saw all my classes, and on their regular days!

I cannot get any traction on my latest Boom Town book. My hero and heroine have had ONE scene together in 15000 words. I really thought this story would pour out and I’m lucky if I’m getting two pages a day.

I found another kitten last week and Humane Society was full so I have to add THAT to my list for the week. They only take them on certain days, so I need to get there early.

I know I have more on my list than I have days, so….better get started!

  1. Hunger Games movie!
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Boom Town book
  4. day with Mom
  5. sew something
  6. Shopping (online)
  7. Decorate for Christmas
  8. take out some ads
  9. clean up yard
  10. vet for Polka

Mischief Under the Mistletoe Blog Tour–It’s Out Today!


Goals the Week Mischief Under the Mistletoe Releases

Wow, last week was crazy. But I survived, mostly intact. This week I’m taking it easy because when I go back after Thanksgiving, it will be two and a half crazy weeks. Make that 3 crazy weeks. This week should be pretty fun, though.

  1. Mischief Under the Mistletoe Release Party
  2. work on Boom Town book
  3. Wolfson House arts and crafts
  4. potluck at school

Goals the Week of Veterans Day

This week is going to be CRAZY. We have guest speakers almost every day, and two mornings I’ll be away from school, one day for practice for the Veterans Day program and one for the actual program. In between, I’m already working on the Christmas program.

I’m just eager for Wednesday afternoon, when the program is behind me!

  1. Boom Town book–so far behind it’s not funny. It feels good not to have a deadline, though, for the first time in months.
  2. Veteran’s Day practice and program
  3. Vet for kitten AND Polka
  4. Take out ads

Goals the First Week of November


I survived that crazy week! 25% of my stressful fall events is behind me. This will be calmer. (PLEASE don’t let me have just jinxed it!)


  1. Boom Town book
  2. Vet for Polka
  3. Start practicing for Christmas programs
  4. Take out ads
  5. Promotion for boxed set
  6. Get materials together for ANOTHER boxed set coming out in January
  7. Work on NOT complaining!


Goals the Week of Halloween

I forgot to post yesterday! I’m soooo tired, even though we didn’t do much this weekend. I did finish a costume for one of the teachers at school, and I rescued three kittens on Friday, though I only brought one home. He’s a happy little guy, but he has tummy troubles. He’s only 4 weeks old. If I can get the mom and get her fixed, I will be so happy.

This week will be a little crazy, but I’m glad I’m not a classroom teacher–they have 2 extra meetings this week, in addition to getting ready for the carnival.

Remember how I love carnivals….

  1. Boom Town book
  2. Webinar Tuesday
  3. Faculty meeting Wednesday
  4. Fall Fest—can I please say HOW MUCH I HATE Fall Fest? That whole day is going to be crazy—parade, then volleyball game, then Fall Fest. UGH.
  5. Dad and Sue coming the end of the week, but we probably won’t meet up until Saturday.
  6. Format a boxed set and a short story
  7. Take out ads? If there’s time.

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