Goals for the Week Before Spring Break

It does not at all feel like it’s almost Spring Break…it hasn’t gotten above 50 degrees all weekend, which makes me a slug. I usually like cold weather, but I’m getting antsy for spring, and tired of the rain. They’re saying we may even have sleet on Thursday!

We are talking about getting a new dog. Not sure if we want a puppy or a dog slightly past the puppy stage or maybe even an older dog (which means we’ll have to go through this all that much sooner). But we’re talking, which surprised me, because Fred was dead-set against it when we were going through the horrible weekend with Stormy. Maybe he’s tired of me crying when we go down the pet food aisle.

So this week:

  1. Testing Monday-Wednesday
  2. Work on Promenade
  3. Testing training
  4. Figure out preorder schedule for Promenade. I’d really wanted to release it March 31, but that’s looking unlikely.

Goals for the Last Week of February


I feel sorry for February, sometimes. Most people just can’t wait for it to be over, so spring will come, but it’s not such a bad month. Here in Texas the redbuds and the mountain laurels are blooming, even though another cold front is blowing in, and another is expected Friday.

It’s been a rough week and I’m crazy behind on my writing. I’ve got to bust ass, and get used to new routines after 13 years.

  1. Work on Promenade
  2. Dentist—3rd time should be the charm
  3. format novella for KU
  4. take out ad


The Post I Didn’t Want to Write

If I had my druthers, I wouldn’t be writing this post. It’s too hard, but Stormy deserves it.

We lost my Stormy girl Monday night. The vet said she was in kidney failure. She’d lost weight, sure, but she was eating. I knew because I watched her scarf down her bowl every morning. She wasn’t eating her dry food, but she never really cared for that. She’d always pick up the pieces she didn’t like and leave them on the floor.

She was technically Josh’s dog. He wanted a dog, and we resisted. We were Cat People. Cats are easy and aloof and we were cool with that. Dogs are active and needy and we didn’t think we were ready. But the summer after fifth grade, we took Josh to the Humane Society and met Stormy. That was the name she came with. She was a little over two months, a Shar-pei mix, and her eyes, when we approached, well, they spoke to me. I looked into those same eyes as she closed them for the last time on Monday night.

Josh was more interested in a more active dog, so the people at the Humane Society took us to a play area so we could see which dog was more suited. Stormy was so happy she peed all over everything. We couldn’t bring her home–she had to be fixed, first. I remember going to pick her up at the vet and feeling SO out of my element.

That summer was really rainy, and she didn’t like going outside in it to potty, but she did. We crate-trained her really fast, as I recall. She was so smart and eager-to-please.

As Josh got busier, she became more my dog. I fed her, pottied her, walked her on occasion. Apparently I didn’t walk her enough, because she became really good at escaping. More than once we drove the neighborhood tracking her down. A couple of times we had to depend on the kindness of strangers to bring her back.

She didn’t really like other dogs, probably because she was raised with cats. She liked a schedule, and LOVED it when I was home. I had always wanted her to be a cuddle dog, but she was never very still, until this last weekend. She liked car rides, but wasn’t good at them. Too hyper. She liked me to sing to her, or whistle to her, and her song was “Stormy Weather.”

She’d gotten weaker in the past months, with arthritis, and fell a couple of times, and wasn’t able to pick herself up. But she tried, and she loved to be wherever we were.

The weekend was spent trying to coax her to eat. Lunch meat and eggs were the only things we could tempt her with, and by Monday, not even eggs. We took her to the vet when I got home Monday, knowing we might come home without her, but wanting to hear what the vet said.

I won’t go into how horrible Monday night was, the four hours we were at the vet, the roller coaster of emotions ending in devastation when Josh sobbed into his dog’s fur before they took her back. Fred and I stayed with her until the end, and came home to an empty house. I know, still have the cats, but it’s not the same. The house is sad without Stormy and her smile and her happy tail, and the clicks of her toenails on the hardwood floor. For 13 years, I came home from work to her, and yesterday I didn’t.

She was such a big-hearted girl, one in a million. I miss you, Stormy-girl.

IMG_0013 IMG_0962 IMG_4372 IMG_4458

Goals of the Week of President’s Day


So, it’s been a rough weekend. My dog Stormy isn’t doing great. She’s 13 and has arthritis, and recently has lost her appetite. We keep trying to tempt her to eat, and right now she will eat scrambled eggs if we make them for her. Honestly, I hate the smell of them, but she seems stronger today than yesterday. Still, I’m scared we may have to make a tough decision this week. Josh has been over to spend time with her the past two days, just in case.

But the rest of the week should be relatively calm.

  1. Inservice
  2. Work on Promenade
  3. format novella for KU
  4. TWO meetings after school
  5. take out ads–I’m running one about every two weeks on Waltz and Bluestone. Seems to be effective so far!

Blatant Emotional Manipulation on Behalf of a Friend

Originally posted on The Stay-at-Home Feminist Mom:

My friend Sandy James is a teacher and writes books. Her husband has cancer and almost died of sepsis recently. Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcies in the United States (but at least we are not “burdened” with universal health care like every other industrialized nation on earth!) and she is terrified at the way they are poling up already.

Sandy’s books are good but like most authors her books are a small source of supplemental income. She needs it to be larger source if she’s not going to get flattened by the medical bills. At the very least she needs it to be a bigger trickle of money than it is now.

It is for this reason that I am pimping her books today. This is her author page listing all her books on Amazon in the USA: http://www.amazon.com/Sandy-James/e/B002BLZOFW/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1423182382&sr=1-1 and in the UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sandy%20james. The…

View original 81 more words

Goals for the Week of Valentine’s Day


I have determined that schools are determined to suck the joy out of every holiday. A carnival on Halloween, stressing over the Veteran’s Day program and the Christmas program over Thanksgiving, the Christmas programs, and now a Valentine’s Day dance. This week is the AWESOME music educator conference downtown, but I’m not going this year because it’s just not worth it for me to spend $100 for a day and a half, when I have to stress to get back to school to help Coach with the Valentine’s Day dance. It is his fundraiser, and he’s really a good guy, always helping me, BUT we’ll be staying probably until 6 on Friday, once we clean up, without a planning period, so a long, hard damn day. I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day, but now I HATE it.

  1. Dance. And since Fred’s band is playing Valentine’s Day, we’re going out to dinner after the dance. I hope I don’t fall asleep at the table!
  2. Breakfast duty
  3. Accountant appointment for income tax Thursday. Nervous! Fred usually takes care of this, but I made this contact, so it’s on me.
  4. Work on Promenade
  5. Monitor testing
  6. Take out ads
  7. Request reversion of rights on Hot Shot
  8. format novella for print

Goals for the First Week of February

This was me last week. I finally got to take Friday off and slept ALL DAY. I slept until 9:45, napped from 1:30-4:30, and was still in bed by 11. It wasn’t the flu, just a cold I couldn’t shake. So I’m a little behind on my schedule.

  1. Work on Promenade
  2. Dentist appointment (had to reschedule my January appt because I had to take Susan home when her car died last month)
  3. Dinner with Josh
  4. Meeting—my turn to take snacks
  5. cowboy breakfast at school
  6. Format novella for print

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