Romantic Suspense

What does she fear more, surrendering her privacy or her heart?

Texas Congresswoman McKenna Jones’s life is in danger when her father’s old enemy surfaces. She’s the target of revenge and narrowly escapes a kidnapping attempt. She’s advised to go into hiding until the threat has passed, but her fight to get an important bill passed forces her to stay right where she is. When Ethan Riggins is assigned to protect her it may be a sacrifice on her privacy, but it’s no real hardship since he’s sinfully sexy and easy to work with.

For Ethan Riggins, it’s a struggle to keep his distance from the congresswoman. McKenna is his assignment, and his friend’s daughter. She also happens to be smart, driven and beautiful. Being around her makes him want to loosen the reins on his emotions, which he’s kept in check for far to long.

When the threat escalates, Ethan and McKenna have to take charge of the investigation so they can discover if a happily-ever-after is in store for them.

Midnight Sun

This wasn’t the adventure she’d signed up for…

A sexy boss, a rough crossing, and pirates—all Brylie Winston wanted was a job to help her earn money to buy her own restaurant. She hopes to earn it by working as a chef on a cruise to Antarctica. But she’s slept with her boss, which throws her off-balance even more than the rough seas and warnings of pirates in the area. And he’s determined to have a repeat performance…

Bad boy former snowboarder Marcus Devlin is running from his reputation, sent to learn the family business after decking a senator’s son and making the papers. So maybe he indulged in a last-minute fling before boarding his family’s cruise ship to Antarctica. Perhaps Fate is showing him that wasn’t so bad—the gorgeous redhead who snuck out of his bed is on the cruise. She’ll be a lovely distraction during his exile.

But when South American pirates take over the ship, his instinct is to protect her and the other passengers. But what does a spoiled rich boy know about saving people’s lives?

Reviews: Realm of Romance

 Breaking Daylight from Samhain Publishing–2011 Epic Award Winner

Sergeant Alex Shepard is all about getting the job done. That single-minded purpose helps him forget the fact he hates the jungle as he leads his Special Forces team in search of Honduran drug lord Santiago Saldana. His quarry eludes him, but the woman left behind in the compound is the next best thing. Saldana’s mistress—an American woman who clearly puts her own pleasure over right and wrong.

Isabella Canales has been Saldana’s prisoner for four long years. Worse, he’s taken away her most precious possession. Except Alex doesn’t believe a word of it. The clock is ticking, and she’s frantic to do anything to convince him to take her home. Even agree to serve as bait to draw Saldana out.

As they push through the tangled jungle dodging bullets and ambushes, Alex fights his growing respect for Isabella’s determination—and an attraction that’s impossible to resist, whatever she’s done. But Saldana never lets go of what’s his. And betrayal is his deadliest weapon…

Warning: An arrogant hero who meets his match in a sexy heroine who makes him look past her face and into his soul. Gunfights and explosions (in and out of the bedroom).




Breaking Daylight Reviews

Realm of Romance gave it 4 1/2 stars!

Literary Nymphs gave Breaking Daylight 4 Nymphs.

Long and Short Reviews gave Breaking Daylight 5 books and a glowing review!

DON’T LOOK BACK from The Wild Rose Press


If you were kidnapped and brutalized in a country on the other side of the world, could you go back to save a friend? If you were charged with rescuing hostages and the mission failed, could you forgive yourself for all those lost lives? These are the types of gut-wrenching questions Dr. Liv Olney and Lt. Gerard “Del” Delaney must answer when another hostage situation causes their paths cross a second time and propels them back into the harsh and dangerous heart of Africa.

When her best friend is kidnapped Liv must return to the scene of her own horrific captivity. The only man she trusts with her friend’s life is former Army Lt. Gerard Delaney, the man who rescued her. But even with him, she can’t let go of the tight control on her emotions – a control that keeps the pain of the memories at bay.

Del has always taken honor seriously, but sometimes neither honor nor humanity are found in the orders he receives. In exile due to a court martial that stripped him of everything he’d worked toward, he misses his son and his country. When Liv approaches him to lead another rescue, he wants to turn away, but he remembers Liv’s courage as a hostage and cannot turn his back on her need to help her friend. And she promises him that in return for his help, she can help clear his name and he can go home.

Together they travel to Africa, where, between dealing with warlords and monsoons, they gradually learn to trust each other, learn to hope that, together, they can find a normal life.



Don’t Look Back Reviews

Tyhada’s Place gave it a 4 1/2 Rating.

Long and Short Reviews gave it a Best Book Rating (my first!)

Realm of Romance gave it 5 stars!


In retrospect, perhaps archaeologist Mallory Reeves shouldn’t have delivered the divorce papers to her estranged husband mere weeks before her marriage to another man. She knew seeing Adrian again would stir up memories, but she didn’t expect so many of them to be good, not after the mess they both made three years ago.

She also didn’t expect to want to stay at the dig site on the Yucatan Peninsula. But the lure of the ancient ship and, yes, her sexy ex provide more of a draw than the white picket fence she thought she wanted.

Marine archaeologist Adrian Reeves has good reason to trust no one. His former partner—and former best friend—made off with his last archaeological find. And his wife left him, frustrated by his obsession for professional revenge.

Now both Mallory and his nemesis have returned, and it can’t be an accident that they’ve turned up in the middle of the most important excavation of his career. Seeing her again unearths old pain—and rekindles never-forgotten desire. Now he has to decide if he can trust Mallory again. More importantly, if he can trust himself with her.

Warning: Smokin’ hot archaeologists, painful memories, breathtaking underwater scenes and a passion that won’t die.

Beneath the Surface Review

Long and Short Reviews gave it 4 1/2 books.



Peyton Michaels expected her assignment to be simple—write an article about everyday heroes. Heroes like Hot Shot firefighter Gabe Cooper. She never expected to find herself running up a mountain, a wildfire nipping at her heels, her life in his hands.

And she never expected to be drawn to Gabe. After the loss of her husband in the line of duty, the last thing she wants is to fall in love with yet another man who routinely puts his life at risk.

Gabe has had enough of women who want to make him into someone he’s not. Women like his ex, who couldn’t handle the heat of his job. Like Peyton, who sees him as a hero when he’s just a man doing a job. Except time after time, the pesky reporter proves her mettle. And gets deeper under his skin.

But there’s an arsonist at work, and danger is closing in with the speed of a raging brush fire. Peyton and Gabe have to dig deep for what it takes to be a real hero—to find the courage to reach out and grab a forever kind of love. Before it’s too late. 

Hot Shot Reviews

The Long And Short of It gave it 5 Books!
The Romance Studio gave it 5 Hearts!
Lena from My Book Cravings raved!
Mrs. Giggles gave it a 77, which I thought was pretty darn good, considering I’ve lived in fear of her.
Literary Nymphs called it intriguing and action packed.

Romance Reviews Today had this to say:

Montana Mountains – the Present

Peyton Michaels is a reporter working on a story about wildland firefighters in Montana. She has taken courses designed to train her in fire fighting, but nothing prepares her for the adventure and danger she finds after becoming a member of sexy lead firefighter Gabe Cooper’s crew, the Bear Claws.

Gabe Cooper does not allow rookies on his crew, nor does he talk to reporters. He is given no choice with Peyton, but his feelings of discomfort are discarded after he catches an interesting glimpse into the psyche of this complex woman. Thinking she puts the team in danger, Gabe quickly reevaluates Peyton after watching her hold her own on a rescue mission. He begins to think of her as more than an annoyance and sees her with newly hungry eyes.

But when Gabe’s former friend, Doug, is arrested on arson charges, the two begin a search for the true arsonist. What they find will burn some while creating a fresh start for others.

Ms. Fredrick has done an excellent job writing a suspenseful tale centered around a wildfire in Montana. The fire becomes a secondary character worthy of mention. It is given human characteristics reminiscent of a murderer and a stalker. It is intelligent in a way that only the unknown can be. The fire is key to the story. Without it you have no setting, action, or way for Peyton and Gabe to be thrown together.

The fire is not the only thing that burns in HOT SHOT. The romance between Gabe and Peyton progresses at an even pace; their relationship starts with resentment, moves on to grudging respect, and finally blossoms into love. It is a relationship to root for and one worthy of the two great characters Ms. Fredrick introduces to us.

HOT SHOT is an engaging and emotional story that will have you wanting more from M. J. Fredrick.

Stacy Cooper
Romance Reviews Today

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