Highlights of 2015



2015 was a pretty good year for me. I felt like my temperament really evened out. I did stress myself out a bit, with the writing, releasing 5 novels and a novella, but I’m not going to do that again. I’m going to keep my writing goals simpler this year.

I had some sad bits (losing my dog Stormy broke my heart. I remember being in inservice and I couldn’t stop crying.)

But a lot was good.

I made the USA Today list. Even in a boxed set with 18 other authors, it was a LOT of hard work.


I had my best month writing income ever. (Also my worst–go figure. Crazy year.)

My mom and I traveled to NYC for my brother’s boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. It was an ADVENTURE, and I only wish we could have stayed one more day.


On the way to NYC, we learned of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, as we traveled to the wedding of someone we wouldn’t even know if not for my brother and his partner. AND this week, my brother and his boyfriend got engaged, very romantically, and we were all able to celebrate the news together–his family and mine. This was a big deal, and really wonderful.


I lost my dog Stormy and decided I couldn’t live without a dog. I “shopped” online at the local shelters, and spent half of Spring Break visiting dogs before I decided to bring Polka home. She’s an older girl, with some health issues, but a real sweetheart.

I was trying to talk Fred into another dog but rescued two kittens from school instead. They are…amusing, but boy, is my house full!


The whole familia was here for my birthday and Fiesta. We Fiesta-ed until we dropped!

Fred turned 50, and we celebrated with a LOT of road trips. My favorite is probably Garner State Park, the prettiest spot in Texas. I’m only sad I’m just now discovering it.


We also had the best BBQ in the world at Cooper’s in Llano, and spent a long weekend at the beach!

I also took up cross-stitching again, and started collecting Fiesta in such earnest that I gave a LOT for Christmas presents. I told Josh it’s his inheritance!

What were some of your 2015 highlights?



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