Goals the First Week of December


My house looks like this right now. Sigh.

It’s going to be a crazy one–I start practicing for the Christmas show with the kids on the stage. 6 classes on the stage, one in my classroom upstairs.  I should definitely be getting my steps this week!

I did very little as far as writing and work this last week. I sewed a lot, baked a lot, shopped online a lot. I still have a couple of small gifts for three ladies on my list, and five for the gentlemen. The mailman is going to be unhappy with me as the boxes start rolling in.

This week:

  1. Boom Town book
  2. Start practicing for the Christmas shows
  3. Wassailfest in New Braunfels
  4. Madrigal singers at my brother’s school
  5. sew something
  6. Try to find a home for Ghost (the kitten I found the week before break)
  7. Spend my Kohl’s cash earned last week on a mad shopping trip!

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