Goals the Week of Thanksgiving Break


Last week was the last regular week of school I’ll have for a long time–I saw all my classes, and on their regular days!

I cannot get any traction on my latest Boom Town book. My hero and heroine have had ONE scene together in 15000 words. I really thought this story would pour out and I’m lucky if I’m getting two pages a day.

I found another kitten last week and Humane Society was full so I have to add THAT to my list for the week. They only take them on certain days, so I need to get there early.

I know I have more on my list than I have days, so….better get started!

  1. Hunger Games movie!
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Boom Town book
  4. day with Mom
  5. sew something
  6. Shopping (online)
  7. Decorate for Christmas
  8. take out some ads
  9. clean up yard
  10. vet for Polka

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