Happy Release Day To ME!!! Her Next Mistake, Out today!


Her Next Mistake Final

The third book in my Off-Season series is here, the story of a wild child and the soldier she wakes up married to!

Mercedes Fonseca has kissed a lot of frogs looking for her prince. The party girl of Avalon Island is looking for Mr. Right to take her away from her job as a maid in the hotel. She would make an excellent Real Housewife. Unfortunately, not many filthy rich men came to the island, so she’s just out for fun.

Efraim Tavitas is on leave from the Army and has come to Avalon to help his buddy open his new motel on the beach. He’d rather be on the Texas coast than home in Las Vegas. He’s attracted to the playful, sexy Mercedes, but he’s not ready for anything more than a fling.

So when he wakes up in bed with her with a ring on his finger…he has to decide if the fun-loving girl is wife material. And she has to figure out if she really wants to be a soldier’s wife.







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