Cover Criteria

I’ve been looking for new cover images for the Bluestone books. Since I’m revisiting Bluestone with a Christmas story, and need a cover for that, I decided to rebrand the lot of them. And I’ve spent WEEKS going through stock photos to find just what I want. I got a new logo this week, which I love:


Here’s the picture for the Christmas book:



Here’s the one I want for Bluestone Homecoming.



I just need two more to kind of match these. HARD TO FIND.

Here are my thoughts as I’m looking for covers:

  1. Don’t look at the camera
  2. Don’t smile
  3. Don’t be wearing white. Or shorts. Or a scarf with a short-sleeved shirt. Or a hat. Or a suit on the beach (for REALZ)
  4. Don’t be holding something, like a globe. Honestly, I found the BEST picture, and he’s holding a globe. WHYYYYY???
  5. No ridiculous haircut
  6. Put a shirt on. Geez! It’s Minnesota!

What are your cover requirements?


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