Happy Release Day to MEEEEE!!!!

The Love I want to be in Final Right Back to You Final


Two new books, same series. The Love I Want to Be In is already in Summer on Main Street, if you bought that. Right Back to You is Fitz’s story. And in 2 months, Mercedes’s story is coming out! Yes, I’m busy busy busy!


Single mother Brioney Mayburn has learned about responsibility the hard way, working as a maid in the motel in the small beach town of Avalon Island, Texas and looking after her younger brother. Local jack-of-all-trades Blue Maddox was her sister’s high school boyfriend, but stayed behind when she went off to college. He’s now drawn to Brioney, admiring her drive, her determination to give her daughter the best life she can. But will Brioney look past his beach-bum facade to see who he really is?
Fitz Dawson has come home to Avalon Island after a stint in the army. After raising his brother and sisters when their dad died, his responsibilities are done. It’s time to follow his own dreams, which include remodeling an old motel on the north, less touristy, end of the island. It will take a lot of money and effort, but it will mean he can stay on the island he’s loved and missed.

Rachel Hamilton isn’t surprised when Fitz turns up at her front door when he comes back to town. They’ve always been friends and since high school, have added “with benefits” to the description. She often wonders what might have happened between them if his dad hadn’t died, if he hadn’t been left with the responsibility of raising his siblings, if he hadn’t thought his best option for providing for them was the army. She has dreams of a happily ever after, but he wants to live life on his own terms. She has to show him that she can take care of herself, and him, if he needs it. Can she turn their friendship into benefits for her?

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