Goals the Week of Josh’s Birthday AND Two Book Releases!

We celebrated Josh’s birthday last night, though his birthday is today, so I’m chilling, trying to figure out how I’m the mother of a 24-year-old when I don’t feel much older than that myself! Okay, maybe I get a lot more tired than I used to, but mentally…

Two books releasing Tuesday means it’s going to be a busy. I am :thisclose: to hiring a virtual assistant, but getting all that set up makes me freak out. But I probably should do that before I go back to work.

  1. Josh’s birthday
  2. Work on new book
  3. Day with Mom
  4. Lunch with friend
  5. Launch Avalon series
  6. Newsletter/ads, including an extra promotion that I’m doing with 20 authors
  7. Look into rebranding the Bluestone books
  8. Clean closets
  9. sew something (which I haven’t done all summer)
  10. walk the dog
  11. And I REALLY want to start reading that Laura Ingalls book!
  12. WATCH OUTLANDER–I’ve been putting it off until I wasn’t busy, but I’m never not busy!
  13. Color hair. Blue highlights this time, I think.

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