Our NYC Adventure–the Last Day

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Monday, we had planned to get up early to go to The Today Show, but then we were going to meet the boys at Grand Central Station, and didn’t want to walk back to check out, so we slept in a bit, then packed and dressed and checked out. While we were on the elevator, Sharon went to our room looking for us, and came back down and was waiting for us in the lobby. We spent about ten minutes sitting with her and Bill, then they headed off to breakfast with his brother and we went to Grand Central to meet the boys, who were late, as usual. Mike was meeting his friend from Florence, who was there in town for a bit on his way home from Flordia, so we met up, had lunch at Shake Shack (GOOOOD burger) and bought Magnolia cupcakes. Then Mike and Will were supposed to meet his family at our hotel at 12:30, so we took the subway (and we were in the BOWELS, let me tell you.) Took us longer to walk down than it would have taken us to walk the distance. When we got out, the family texted that no, they were meeting at the OTHER hotel. So we could have stayed at Grand Central longer, because we just came back so we could see everyone. So Mom and I did some souvenir shopping, then just sat at a shaded table in Times Square, because we didn’t have to meet the shuttle until 2.
We went back to the hotel around 1:30 so we could use the restroom and get something to drink from the gift shop. We sat in the lobby and ate our cupcakes. There was a German lady and her daughter and they smiled when they saw the boxes and the lady patted her behind, like they were fattening. Probably, but we walked it off, I’m sure!
We got on the shuttle, and the driver had to go to different hotels to get different people, so we were in traffic (OMG TRAFFIC) for an hour! But we got to the airport with plenty of time, he dropped us RIGHT off at the Delta place. We walked in, printed our boarding passes, checked our luggage, went through security (For some reason on this trip, we got the TSA precheck, which meant we skipped all the PITA security. We didn’t have to take out our electronics or anything). Our gate was RIGHT there, on the other side of security. But JFK has put in all these tables instead of rows of chairs like San Antonio has, so it was hard to find a place to sit. There aren’t enough seats for everyone who will board the plane. So ridiculous. We found a seat because another flight was boarding, but there were no plugs to charge our phones. I went to get us some drinks from Wendy’s and when I came back, Mom had moved to one of the tables and was charging her phone, lol. So she talked to Joe while we were there and he said we could ask if we could sit together so I did, and they changed our seats! I didn’t get to work at all, but I was relieved because I thought Mom would be too nervous by herself.
Then Fred came in to meet us at the terminal. He’d had dinner with Joe and then went to the house to hang out until we called. When we got home, I talked his ear off for like 2 hours. He’d cleaned the house and even made the bed!
Okay, what we ate:
fries (an order split 3 ways)
Magnolia cupcake
Wendy’s strawberry lemonade
cookies on the plane

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