Our NYC Adventure–The Wedding

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The wedding was held at 3 West Club or the Women’s Republican Club. It was smaller than I expected, but very vintage, and that was Shell’s look for the wedding, very Downton Abbey. Her theme was Love Makes the World Go Round or something because 12 countries were represented at the wedding! Marc’s family is Lebanese, but he was born in France, Shell lived in Qatar, now lives in Switzerland, they have friends from all over the world.

Okay, so we went in and sat with the cousins, who love my mom, though they’ve only met her a handful of times. We waited and waited and finally the processional. Marc and his groomsmen, Marc’s parents, then John brought his grandma, then Mike and Will walked in arm and arm. Mom and I burst into tears, because there it was, the truth, right there. Mom was SO HAPPY, and she said Joe would be SO HAPPY. Anyway…the girls walked in, then Shell with both her parents. She made them walk SLOW. I’ve never seen Sharon move that slow in her life. Anyway, the officiant was their uncle on their dad’s side, Uncle Randy, and he talked about their history, and then there were some readings. John and Katie read their scriptures, and then Mike and Will read a Latin poem–Mike IN Latin, and Will the translation. It was so beautiful. so many people said it was their favorite part of the wedding.
MY favorite part was the vows. OMG, Marc’s vows. Every woman in the room was sighing. When he was done, I wanted to go ask him for a copy to use for my books! And the way he was looking at her….SO romantic. I found out later he’s about 4 years younger than her. He’s younger than Will, even, and already very accomplished. More on that later. So they honored their parents by replicating their mother’s bridal bouquets. Sharon’s was white roses and white daisies and Mona’s was orchids and greenery. They couldnt be more different and that was SO SYMBOLIC of everything I was thinking.
So they did the rings and the kiss, and danced back up the aisle to “Happy.” That was the cutest thing. Sharon loved it. Bill did not.
So they led us to the rooftop room overlooking St. Patrick’s. The bride and groom had signature cocktails. I forget what hers was called, but it was champagne and raspberries and lemon. His was “Mint-to-be” mojito (which has mint in it) and OMG delicious! Anyway, people mingled, took pictures with the cathedral in the background. Then one of Marc’s childhood friends sang, and OMG, like being a  Pavarotti concert. It just took my breath away!
Then we went downstairs to dinner. People came from TWELVE COUNTRIES for this wedding, so she had us sitting by cities that were important to her relationship. We were in Doha, with Mike, Will, Sharon and Bill (and another couple). We were so grateful they took care not to make us uncomfortable. LOTS of food–salad, risotto, steak, two kinds of potatoes, asparagus, and the CAKE! OMG, the CAKE.
Shell came to ask Will to dance with her and told Mike to dance with his mother, but she wouldn’t, so I danced with him. It was fun. Then we all got Mom out to dance to “Jambalaya.” The only thing with the music was it was REALLY loud and they REALLY dragged out the songs. I was so tired, and I just danced to those two songs. I would have danced more but didn’t want to leave Mom sitting alone. I swear, some day I’m going to go to a wedding with someone who likes to dance!
Marc got up and played guitar and sang a Stevie Ray Vaughn song to Shell, and then the man with the beautiful voice sang “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Tutti Frutti” and EVERYONE was dancing. It was so much fun, no one wanted to leave.
Well, except Mom. It would have been nice if we had a room in the hotel because I was kind of stressed about getting back to our hotel. They had an open bar, and your wine glass was never empty. I wasn’t drunk though. I was so worried about getting a taxi back, because this place didn’t have a door man to help. So when we left, I asked the guy at the desk where was the best place, and he said 5th Avenue, which wasn’t far. But…we walked out of the hotel, an empty taxi was going by, and I raised my hand. He stopped! I felt so accomplished! Anyway, for $10, we were home by 11:30. I couldn’t go to sleep, though!
What we ate:
croissant and macaroon
sandwiches from the deli
cheese, beef Wellington, mini egg rolls, lobster puff
salad, risotto, steak, 2 kinds of potatoes, asparagus and wedding cake!

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