My NYC Adventure–Day Two

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So Saturday morning we were to meet the whole wedding gang at BB King’s restaurant, but we didnt know what we were doing, so we left early, found out Will LIED about where it was, got lost, stopped at Starbucks, took some pictures in Times Square, and were STILL 30 minutes early. We went into a shop next door and I got some souvenirs, then we went into the restaurant but it’s weird, the way it’s run. Something about a line and tickets. Well, then the groom, Marc, came with his friend Henry.Poor Henry got stuck with us while Marc took care of the details. But Henry was a very interesting guy. He’s from Guernsey and he met Marc in Qatar and they were in a band together. He said he moved to Qatar because jobs were scarce in England, and he could get experience elsewhere. Anyway, LOTS of story ideas from old Henry.

Then we were invited into the restaurant (we’d been sitting in the bar with Henry). It was….like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was a buffet, and there was a show by Strawberry Fields, a Beatles cover band. I didn’t think Mom was enjoying it because it was LOUD and she said it brought back bad memories, but she said afterward she really enjoyed it. Shell (the bride) and Marc got up and danced, and were invited on stage, and then the band told us to dance and sing along. It was a BLAST.
Afterwards, it was starting to rain, but Mom and I had already decided we were going to go on a double-decker bus tour, and she wanted to ride on the top. She said she’d always wanted to ride a double decker bus, and she’d brought us ponchos, so off we went. The bus was partially covered but of course those seats were taken, so we sat in the rain (misting, drizzling, not really heavy) and took the downtown loop. We saw the Empire State Building and the Flatiron, the police headquarters, the federal courthouse, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, 1 World Trade, Ground Zero, Macy’s flagship, went through Greenwich and Chelsea. We saw a LOT. Actually, around Chinatown, we were able to move under the sheltered part of the bus, and we didn’t leave those spots. It was a hop-on, hop-off kind of thing, but the weather was so bad, we decided to just stay on. Plus, the wetter it got, the more people were getting on and we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to find a seat.
Then we went back to the hotel and ordered another free pizza, then went and got it. After we ate, we took our baths and got in bed. We were watching Big Bang Theory and there was a knock on the door–John and Katie (Will’s brother and his girlfriend) heard we had ponchos and asked to borrow them.
BTW, Will said he and Mike and Shell and Marc (not sure about John and Katie) went down to Greenwich Village to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling on Friday night. I’m so glad they got to do that. It was a great weekend to be in NY.  According to our tour bus guide, Greenwich was where the gay rights movement started.
What we ate:
brunch at BB King’s, including fish, scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, salad, macaroni salad and DELICIOUS brownies
brownie from the the place we got pizza (Mom had a cannoli)
To be continued…

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