My New York Vacation–Day One


Last weekend, my mom and I went to NYC for a wedding. It was the first time we’ve traveled together, and the first time I’d traveled without Fred, when there wasn’t someone I knew waiting for me on the other side. So it was a definite adventure!

Friday morning we left the house around 6:15 to get our bags checked and everything. We were through the gate and eating our doughnuts by 6:50! Our flight wasn’t until 7:50! We saw David Robinson, talked (not to David, because everyone was bothering him), then boarded. We upgraded to “comfort” class and it was pretty nice. We got free booze, so Mom got Bailey’s Irish Cream and put it in her Starbucks, and I got vodka for my Diet Coke. There was a man sitting with us who gave use a lot of good advice.  We had free TV while we were in the air, but we didn’t know it until the guy told us. Mom had been thinking the Supreme Court would be making the judgement on Friday, and when we turned on CNN, there it was. Breaking news. We cried and hugged and people probably thought we were nuts.
Then the “fun” began. We’d decided to take the air train from the airport to the subway. OMG. We almost got run over! I told Mom there was no benefit being a gray-haired lady in NYC! There were not enough seats, of course, and not even enough poles to hang onto, so I grabbed a pole between two guys and Mom held on to me. Never mind that her luggage was huge, and my luggage was threatening to knock her over. The train stops a billion times and by the time we got off, we were frazzled. THANK GOD the mother of the bride, Sharon,  sent my brother Mike and her son Will on the subway to get us. Theywaited for us on the other side while we paid, then Will took Mom’s bags and Mike took mine and we rode the subway. It wasn’t terrible, because we got seats, and we stayed on the same subway until we got off. My stepdad Joe had told us we needed to change. Then we emerged into the sunlight, just south of Times Square. Will led the way to the hotel, which was down this dingy street that was out of the movie Birdman, if you’ve seen it. We got to the hotel, checked in around 2:30, went upstairs and dropped our bag, and Mike found a deli for us….about 3 city blocks away. It was good, but dang, we passed about ten delis on the way.
While we were there, Mike said today was probably our only chance to go to Mood, the fabric store from Project Runway. We got back on the subway and rode down to the fashion district. We walked for blocks and finally found the place. It’s not well-marked. It was fun, but poor Mom was BEAT by this time. She didn’t even get to see all of it (it’s 3 floors). We walked home (10 not-city blocks), and got there in time for the cocktail party at the hotel. There was wine and cheese and crackers. Sharon’s cousins came in while we were there, and they know Mom from parties, so we all talked. When it was over, we went to our room and  Will ordered a free pizza that came with the room. Mike and I went down the street to get it. We brought it back to the room, ate, and Sharon and her husband Bill came to find us. They had some pizza (it was a BIG pizza) and we all went down to visit with the cousins some more. Mom and I pooped out around 9, came upstairs and took turns in the CRAZY shower. It had no shower door, no lip, so when you stepped under the spray, EVERYTHING got wet. They have a special toilet paper holder because otherwise even that would get wet. Then we got into bed, watched Blue Bloods, and Mom fell asleep. I took a LONG time to fall asleep. I was hot and didn’t have the white noise of my fan. But at least we didn’t have to get an early start on Saturday.
What we ate:
deli sandwich
To be continued….

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  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Jul 07, 2015 @ 14:32:40

    That was a LOT packed into one day!


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