Goals for the Week Before Spring Break

It does not at all feel like it’s almost Spring Break…it hasn’t gotten above 50 degrees all weekend, which makes me a slug. I usually like cold weather, but I’m getting antsy for spring, and tired of the rain. They’re saying we may even have sleet on Thursday!

We are talking about getting a new dog. Not sure if we want a puppy or a dog slightly past the puppy stage or maybe even an older dog (which means we’ll have to go through this all that much sooner). But we’re talking, which surprised me, because Fred was dead-set against it when we were going through the horrible weekend with Stormy. Maybe he’s tired of me crying when we go down the pet food aisle.

So this week:

  1. Testing Monday-Wednesday
  2. Work on Promenade
  3. Testing training
  4. Figure out preorder schedule for Promenade. I’d really wanted to release it March 31, but that’s looking unlikely.

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