Goals the Week Before Thanksgiving

This past week!

My internet is spotty–possibly because of the unseasonal cold, possibly because of the overnight updates. But that doesn’t explain why I’m late with this….again!

Yesterday my cousin was here from New Jersey. Well, she was in AUSTIN, so we trekked up there, took her to Salt Lick BBQ and came home. It was fun, but a busy day! Also cold and rainy. But fun!

We get next week off from school, our first holiday since Labor Day, and you can tell everyone needs it! We’re dragging ourselves to the finish line, knowing we’ll have even MORE work after the holiday (including 3 Christmas shows for me.)

This week:

1) Go to the Wolfson House Arts and Crafts show with the family.

2) Write.

3) Submit a new BookBub ad (which I tried to do just now, but internet=wonky).

4) Update website

5) Promote iBooks sale

6) Raise prices on book bundle

7) Stay warm!

Huh. Not so bad. Tuesday is full of things I need to get ready for, but if I survive that…whee!!



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