Goals for the Week That Wild Texas Swing Releases

I told Trish the other day that I could not sleep for a week and still not get everything done, between school and writing. We had TWO HOURS on Friday to work at school, and I barely made a dent. This week I’m feeling my way through a new book and doing promo as well, sooooo…..crazy. Let’s not mention that my TiVo is exploding as well. You may notice you’re not seeing me as much on Facebook, lol! Only when I’m really really tired!

So, this week:

1) Work on Two-Step Temptation

2) send out newsletter

3) update back matter in Waltz (I keep putting this off!)

4) Take out some ads for Bluestone when I get my Amazon check

5) guest blog

6) work on short story

7) Professional Learning Community meeting after school on Wednesday. No, I’m not sure what that is.

8) cook maybe? Clean? Exercise? Sew? I was really bad with calories last week, and my scale weighs me at 10 pounds more than the one at school that I used a couple of weeks ago. Oops. I knew the FitBit and the Keurig would be at odds.

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