Goals for the Week of Back to School :::SOB:::

Errr…this may have been me a time or two.

We have a 2-day work week, which bums me out. It means the rest of the week is One. Long. Sunday. Then I get two texts from the union (I’m the building rep) and a text from the head music teacher on Friday. The union wants me to be at the new teacher orientation Monday morning (at 7:30!) and a meeting on Tuesday at 4:30. Uhhhh….I said I’d be the rep because the retiring teacher who HAD been the rep said it was no extra hours, much less TWO SUMMER DAYS messed up. And the music teacher wants a lesson from me by Tuesday. I can’t remember any of my lessons–it’s summer! Plus, you know, I have a book to finish and a last day trip to take and hair to color and nails to do…

  1. Cry
  2. Finish rough draft of Boomtown book
  3. Change my blurbs on Nook
  4. Look for new covers for a few books
  5. Make Dad’s present and mail it
  6. Go to dry cleaners
  7. color hair/paint nails
  8. Shopping with Mom
  9. Lunch with retired teachers
  10. Move Josh home
  11. Make something fun
  12. Clean/declutter
  13. Cook/exercise

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