Summer Nostalgia

Yesterday my mom, stepdad and I went on an adventure. I wanted to take my mom to some antique stores in Lockhart, and also eat barbecue, so my stepdad took us.

We started out stopping for doughnuts in Seguin. Now, when I was a little girl, we spent most of our summers at my grandparents’ place halfway between Seguin and San Marcos. We spent a lot of days going into Seguin to the public pool (no longer there), so Seguin has a lot of happy memories for me. The road leading into town from I-10 hasn’t changed much–the same Victorian houses, limestone church, pool supply store, the ice house where we used to stop and get the Sunday paper on the way home from church.

After we got the doughnuts, we stopped at an antique store in town and they had a TON of Nancy Drew books. Now, Nancy wasn’t my girl, Trixie Belden was, but I’d read Nancy now and then, and the sight of those yellow-spined books made me so happy.

We drove through Luling to get to Lockhart, and they had a public pool just like the one we used to go to in Seguin.

Back in those days, we’d go swimming and then go to the grocery store (and FREEZE) while my grandmother picked up a few things for dinner, and always a treat, like double-stuffed Oreos.

Then we’d go home and read (or I would, anyway) and relax.

Books are such a huge part of my summer memories. Every week the librarian at my elementary school would open the library, once a week, in the morning, so kids could come check out books. I looked forward to those trips so much! The school would be cool and dark, and I would wander around what felt like a huge library, and collect an armful of books, many of which I’d read over and over. Then I’d come home, pile them up on my desk, and sit on my bed and read.

I’ve gotten to read a lot the past few days and it takes me back to those good, relaxing summer days.

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