Real Texas Flavor


Since I complained about Night Shift not being “Texas” enough, I thought I’d offer up some Texas flavor for you.

I’m catching up on Meg Benjamin’s Konigsburg books. They’re set in a fictional Hill Country town based on Fredericksburg, Texas. In fact, when I was in Fredericksburg this past week, I half-expected to stop in Allie’s bakery or Docia’s bookstore! Texas references abound, the people act like Texans, and you feel like you’ve visited after you read these books.

I’m watching Revolution, which is filmed between San Antonio and Austin. Fred accuses me of watching it because of Monroe (who I do intend to base Trace on when I get to Boomtown #4), but I watch for the locations. The landscape is so clearly Texas. Seriously, I will miss the show for that reason.

I recently watched a movie called Angels Sing. It’s a Christmas movie, and was filmed in Bastrop and Austin, though I swear the house Kris Kristofferson lived in was in my neighborhood! The cast is full of Texas musicians, including Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett and Charlie Sexton.

I’m listening to Hayes Carll, who performs pretty regularly at Gruene Hall. I love love love his music. He’s coming back in August. I want to gooooo!


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