Countdown–1 More Day–10 Things I CANNOT Do This Summer

I can get in really bad habits in the summer, and while it IS my vacation, I also like to challenge myself to see what life as a full-time writer will be like a few years down the road.

Here are some bad habits I canNOT do this summer:

1) Play Candy Crush. Not even one game. Too addicting.

2) Buy dip. For parties, sure, but for the house–nope nope nope

3) Bake more than once every 2 weeks.
4) Drink sugary drinks. I’ve found The Perfect Strawberry Lemonade recipe. It has 2 cups of sugar in it. Nope, only on special occasions. Same with mojitos, margaritas, cosmos…
5) Watch TV or movies during the day (unless it’s raining, then it’s permissible)
6) Go out to eat lunch more than twice a week. It’s a treat to have the time, but it’s a lot of calories and can get pricey,too.
7) Be on Facebook or Pinterest before I get my word count for the day. So it will be FB during breakfast, then Mac Freedom, then word count, then FB as a reward!
8) shut myself off from everyone. I tend to do that, and I need to make an effort not to
9) Let my guitar calluses fade. That is one painful process.
10) Watch the clock–I need to relax and enjoy!

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