Countdown–8 More Days–Places I Want to Eat This Summer


Just a warning, there are going to be several food-related posts coming up. For one, it’s nice to be able to go out to lunch instead of being stuck in my room with cheese and crackers or whatever. For another, I can go to the store more often and get fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of my options being limited by time.

So here are some restaurants I want to try/return to this summer:

  1. Guenther House–early hours, don’t often get to go
  2. MeeMaw’s Bakery–not far from the house, but I’ve wanted to go the last few summers
  3. Harvest Moon, another bakery type place–a new place
  4. Magnolia Pancake House–need to get there super early to avoid a wait
  5. Mexican Manhattan–I’m thinking of taking the Wet Noodle Posse here for RWA but I’ve never been
  6. Gristmill–always
  7. the park–there’s a nice one not far from the house. Might be fun
  8. Zoe’s Kitchen–Fred and I have been wanting to try this
  9. Snoopy’s in Corpus–LOVE
  10. Wheeler’s in Fredericksburg–also LOVE!

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