Goals for the Week Before Mother’s Day

This is one of the last REGULAR weeks of the school year. I will have all but two of my classes this week–that’s more rare than you know! Five more weeks total, which means I’ll see some classes five more times, and some only once, depending on what day is their music day.

We are trying to figure out a gift for Josh for graduation. He got a new MacBook when he went up to Austin 2 years ago. Fred’s thinking suits. I’m thinking an iPad. Any suggestions?

This week:

  1. Work on Starfish Shores 4th of July novella–a tad easier than the last one, but not much!
  2. Promote my Kindle Countdown Deal on Eden’s Promise
  3. Set up iTunes Producer so I can publish directly to Apple
  4. Go shopping for Mom’s birthday present
  5. Clean/cook/exercise

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