Goals for the End of April


Well, THAT was a wild week, bookended by some awesome family time. Easter and my birthday were combined and celebrated at my folks’ place in the country, and everyone I am related to in Texas was there, as well as most of my extended family! We went for a walk, ate, talked and talked and talked…it was wonderful.

Then a peaceful birthday itself, then two days of monitoring the halls ALL DAY during testing, then a CRAZY day on Thursday. Some fool made a threat against an unspecified school, and HALF the students didn’t come to school that day. HALF. One class only had 4 students! In all of PreK–only 25 students. I think it was just a good excuse to keep the kids home, but it was kind of a fun day. We watched movies and played games all day.

Then another relaxing day off before a BLAST at the King William Fair–family, parade, food on a stick, FRIED OREOS! I was so hot and tired but it was totally worth it.


This week will be dull by comparison.


  1. Work on novella
  2. Format novella
  3. Take out ads
  4. Republish DLB on all the various formats
  5. Figure out why I can’t upload Producer on my Apple so I can publish directly with them.
  6. Celebrate SIL’s bday
  7. Clean/cook/exercise

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