Goals the Week Before Easter

Holy cow, I’m tired. I finished a book, formatted for print and e-book, took out some ads, revised a short story, worked on the Booklovers Buffet website and uploaded the new book to lots of places. That was just the past two days! I also wrote 14 pages since I finished the other book. Really REALLY want to be a fulltime writer because the rest of my life needs attention. I have new fabric, I need to repot some plants and clean patio furniture–but no time! SO glad this is a 4-day workweek, though I have breakfast duty AND will be taking my friend Susan to school because she was in a fender bender on Friday and her car will be in the shop. That means I need to leave the house at 6:15 all week. Two days she has to stay late, so I’ll take my computer and work those days, I guess.


  1. Work on novella
  2. Breakfast duty
  3. Figure out how to upload to Apple
  4. Visit the Romance Bandits blog since Trish got us a spot advertising Cloudy
  5. Newsletter
  6. Update website
  7. Address graduation announcements
  8. Clean/cook/exercise

Fred had two gigs and a band practice last week and is looking at 3 practices this week, so I won’t have to cook SO much. On the downside, I’m getting a little tired of take-out and am not making good choices 😦


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