Goals the Week of Testing


Fred and I had a lovely day driving around the Texas Hill Country yesterday. I felt bad because Josh came into town unexpectedly, and we’d already had plans. Fred said Josh didn’t come to see us anyway, he came to see his girlfriend, so we went. We drove up to Driftwood for BBQ from The Salt Lick, which was an INTERESTING place. Beautiful setting, huge and sprawling, live music outside, BYOB. We didn’t, but it was interesting to watch how many people did.Then we went to Dripping Springs, where one interesting shop was just closing up so the owner could go to a funeral, and the other interesting shop was PACKED. Then to Wimberley, then Blanco, then Stonewall, then Fredericksburg. Pretty day, pretty drive, just what I needed.

Because this week is going to be a rough one!

1) Survive testing. I’m just monitoring, but it makes for a LONG day.

2) Finish oilfield book

3) Revisions

4) Work on Booklovers Buffet website

5) Set up ads for Starfish Shores book

6) Format Starfish Shores for print

7) Tryouts for talent show

8) Go to Starving Artist Show this weekend

9) Clean/cook/exercise


Wish me luck!


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