Goals the Last Full Week of March


Did you know we have 11 weeks of school left, and because of testing and holidays and other interruptions, only 3 will be regular weeks, when I see all my classes?

This is not one of those weeks. We have Girl Scouts during PE on Wednesday which means I will have All The Boys All Day Long. I will need a jalapeno margarita when I get home, oh, yes, I will.

This is also going to be a crazy writing week for me. I was supposed to have finished Waltz Back to Texas yesterday but spent the day on revisions of The Novella from Hell, which is now the Not-So-Bad-After-All Novella, thanks to a suggestion from Trish (WHY DIDN’T SHE READ IT EARLIER? SPARE ME THE ANGUISH? Ahem.) But I worked on it ALL DAY yesterday, stopping only for a nap and dinner.

So today, I have to read Trish’s novella and get back to Waltz. I’m going to be revising the beginning as I write the end, so that should be interesting.


  1. Finish oilfield book
  2. Read Trish’s SS story
  3. Start novella
  4. Start revisions on oilfield book
  5. Work on Booklovers Buffet website
  6. Figure out Rafflecopter
  7. Update computer so I can publish directly to iTunes
  8. Cook/clean/exercise (I MEAN IT! I’m gaining my weight back and am not happy!)

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