Goals for the Week of SPRING BREAK!!!

Wow, DST is throwing me. It’s just now getting light outside, which is when my first class will start, which means, since I HAVE NO WINDOWS, I won’t even see the sun until I go downstairs for lunch duty at noon. That STINKS.

I have a busy spring break ahead, mostly because Starfish Shores set me so far behind that I have to write a LOT on Waltz Back to Texas to get it done on time. On the plus side, I almost have a cover, which is very inspirational!

So, this week:

  1. Day with Mom
  2. Work hard on oilfield book–10 pages a day, at least
  3. See about going direct at Apple–right now I go through Smashwords and there just isn’t enough control
  4. Work in the yard
  5. Clean/cook/exercise–ESPECIALLY exercise!

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