Goals the Week Before Spring Break


This is a crazy week. It’s more likely the teachers are more excited for Spring Break than the kids. I just need to stay sane–and hope if I get observed, which I might, it all goes well.

Also, my younger brother is having a surgical procedure on Wednesday. He broke his back 6 years ago and he’s still having a lot of problems, so they’re going to do an out-patient procedure to help the nerves move better. Can you imagine that will be an outpatient surgery? Anyway, good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

My to-do list:

  1. Make plans for Spring Break.
  2. Work on Oilfield book
  3. Finish last Rita book
  4. Doctor’s appt
  5. Survive the week with the kids! And possibly get observed.
  6. Clean/cook/exercise

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