Goals the Second Week of Testing

We went to see Hayes Carll in Gruene Hall last night and had a blast. We met some cowboys who work on the King Ranch who came up just to see him, and a girl from Pennsylvania who flew to Midland to meet her boyfriend and they drove down. The weird thing–the cowboys and the boyfriend from Midland are all hunting guides! They say that’s a big business with the oilfields. Who knew?

Hayes was great, though he didn’t have his own band this time. The opening act played with him, which meant he had a girl to sing the duet with him, lol! The crazy? Two of the cowboys recognized me as singing with Hayes the last time! Fred thought that was hilarious.

Anyway, I love Gruene Hall. Gotta look on their upcoming schedule to see who else is playing.


  1. Survive testing
  2. Enjoy 3rd grade going on a field trip–LONG lunch!
  3. Format a book for print
  4. Work on oilfield book
  5. Finish edits on Novella From Hell (which I’ve actually figured out how to fix and kinda even like now)
  6. Continue adding books to Google Play (I have a LOT of books)
  7. Read for Rita
  8. Clean house/cook/exercise

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