Let’s Talk Covers


I’m working on a new series and I’m scanning stock photo sites looking for the perfect images for the Texas-set covers. I’ve been driving around the area where the stories are set, then I go look at stock photos and bookmark images I like. (Just as an aside, there are a LOT of bluebonnet pictures. A. LOT. You non-natives do know they only bloom about a month out of the year, right?) Initially I wanted something like this:

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Aren’t those beautiful?

But then I love love this cover:




So now I’m thinking I want scenery with maybe an object. Like, a landscape with maybe a Texas flag, or a small town picture with a rusty Texas star.

I’m also thinking about redoing the cover for What Not to Expect. Sales aren’t great, and while I’m not blaming the cover, I’m wondering if a change might give it a boost. So in my spare time (ha!) I’m looking for possible replacement images. For that, I definitely want a couple.

What do you like on covers? People or no people? “Shorthand” to tell you what the story is about, like a Texas image, or a beach image?


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