Goals for the Week of Valentine’s Day, TMEA and Hayes Carll

All the other music teachers look forward to this week. I stress about it because I don’t get to stay at the conference the whole time–I have to go back to school and help Coach with his fundraiser, the Valentine’s Dance. Last year I got back to school around 2 after driving and eating, my sub hadn’t helped At All, so the coaches were unhappy. I ended up making $35. Who hoo. I bought hand drums, which I needed (if you saw my instruments, you would laugh. Or maybe cry.) It’s almost not worth the hassle of going to the conference. At least Fred and I don’t have V Day plans on V Day. We’re going to Hayes Carll on Saturday, but Fred has a gig at 5:30, so we won’t get out to Gruene until around 8, so we won’t have time to go eat at Gristmill. I’m betting we don’t have as good a vantage point for the concert as last time :-/

But the thing I’m most excited about is starting my new series this week!

  1. Start oilfield book
  2. Read for Rita
  3. Start revising novella from hell
  4. Continue adding books to Google Play store
  5. Meeting
  6. Breakfast duty
  7. Music teacher conference
  8. Valentine’s dance at school
  9. Go see Hayes Carll in Gruene
  10. Clean house/cook/exercise




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