Goals for the First Week of Testing

After last week, when I had Monday off for MLK and Friday off for an ice day, having a full week will be weird. But it’s not a full FULL week. We’re testing Monday and Tuesday, so I’m not teaching those two days.

1) Celebrate baby brother’s 25th birthday

2) Continue to make progress on the Novella From Hell.

3) Do my self-evaluation for school.

4) Continue edits on Guarded Hearts so I can rerelease it.

5) Testing 2 days, monitoring the halls. It goes from mind-numbingly boring to I-can’t-be-everywhere-at-once crazy.

6) exercise. I keep saying this and not doing it. I gave away my bigger clothes–I need to stay in these, or smaller.

7) cook more at home. I bought a TON of chicken when we had company, and we only ate it one night, so I have a TON in the freezer. They’re big pieces so we split one, so they’ll last awhile.

7) Finish up the Rita book I’m reading and start one of the big ‘uns. Seriously, I have 3 over 400 pages. I never read books that long anymore!


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