Goals for the Week of MLK


We are having perfect weather here this week, so no heaters, but this was too funny not to share!

Company’s here this weekend. We did a big dinner Friday night, went to the shooting range yesterday, then another big dinner last night. We’ll have a big dinner tonight at Mom’s, then tomorrow maybe head out of town to Gruene. I told you it was my favorite place.

I’m not getting a lot of writing done, but am trying to think about the story as much as possible, trying to work it out. I’ve never done so much back-and-forth writing. You know, add to the end, go back to the beginning, add to the end, go back to the middle. It’s maddening.

This week:

1) Enjoy the rest of the visit

2) Faculty meeting

3) Jump Rope for Heart day–lots of money counting involved

4) Work on Starfish Shores. I’d wanted to finish this week but that’s just impossible. Good thing the other writers need the deadline pushed back, too!

5) Read Rita books

6) Try to figure out how to add books to Google Play

7) Exercise. I’m a nervous eater. I think I ate steadily yesterday from 4:30 to 8.



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