Goals the Week of Back to Work

Going to be a weird week. We go back to an inservice, but the first two hours are a health fair (except I don’t have insurance in the district, so I’ll be wandering around aimlessly). Then Tuesday I’m in the gym because they’re kicking off Jump Rope for Heart. Also, I’ll be getting used to Josh not being here. Fred will be back at work too, after almost 2 weeks off. I predict lots of vegging in the evenings. AND it will be cold (for here) early in the week.

1) Get cracking on this Starfish Shores story. It’s like walking through molasses.

2) Finish revising novella.

3) I got my rights back to two books, so in my spare time, I’ll go through one of those.

4) Make a launch party plan.

5) Go to the dentist.

6) Get back into the swing of actually teaching–not practicing for a program.

7) Maybe start rewatching SoA as a reward if I get writing done.


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