My Top Ten TV Shows of 2013

So, I watch a LOT of TV, and have a TiVo, so I kind of made this list based on how quickly we watch shows from the TiVo.

  1. Sons of Anarchy (though I actually watched it on Netflix and Amazon, I did watch it ALL in 3 weeks.)
  2. Scandal–crazy. Crazy. LOVE the crazy.
  3. Walking Dead–We watch this pretty much live every week.
  4. American Horror Story: Coven–I didn’t like last season, but I LOVE the witches. LOVE. Also, so much crazy.
  5. Arrow–Start watching for Stephen Amell, keep watching for the action and plot. And Ollicity!
  6. Longmire–If a cop show can be relaxing, this one is. I love the small town, love Lou Diamond Phillips and the friendship between Henry and Walt.
  7. Witches of East End–also crazy, but so much fun. And pretty.
  8. Rizzoli and Isles–This isn’t one I always watch right away, but it’s consistently good.
  9. Falling Skies–Love this post-apocalyptic tale!
  10. Downton Abbey–Except the last episode. Damn you, writers!

Hell on Wheels, Justified, Big Bang, The Middle, Modern Family, Mom, Raising Hope were all good. I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy and am :thisclose: to doing the same with Supernatural. It should have ended two seasons ago. Glad it’s the last season of How I Met Your Mother.

What are you loving? What did you give up on?


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