What I Wish My Nook Did


I love my Nook, I do. I love ebooks, too. I really really love ebooks. I have a LOT. A. LOT. I am embarrassed to say how many.

I wish my Nook would let me organize them better. I’d love to be able to order them like my Netflix queue, you know, in the priority I want to read them. Barring that, I wish it would let me shelf them in easy steps, not the multiple steps I have to use now. Then you have to GO to the lists, which I can never remember how to do, so I just scroll through my endless pages of books until I find something that looks good.

And I wish it would let me archive them once I’m done reading, just to clear up my list.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to organize your TBR on the Nook?


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