Christmas Decorating Overload

This morning I got my Christmas decorations out. Let me put it this way–I didn’t schedule writing time for today because I knew it would be an endeavor. I take down my Thanksgiving decorations, and some of my usual decorations. I have 3 totes of decorations, a hall closet, and 3 kitchen cabinets, as well as the top of the pantry. I have 2 sets of plates, 2 sets of glasses, more mugs than you could drink out of in a month. I have serving bowls, 2 cookie jars, a pitcher and platters, even silverware. I have stuffed animals, a ton of nutcrackers, a huge Santa collection, snowmen, reindeer, ornaments that I put in various baskets and more.


The thing is, I get attached to my decorations. As I was putting ornaments on the tree, I could remember where I got almost every one. The angel I got from my former student teacher. The patchwork heart from a writer friend. The little snowman ornament I got as a thank you for being on the SARA board. The ornament I bought for Josh at the Mall of America. The ornament I bought at the St. Pius Arts and Crafts fair the year we got married.

I’ll never forget my first Christmas in this house. I wanted Christmas dishes but couldn’t find any I could afford. One evening, my mom and grandmother rang the doorbell and handed me Target bags with Christmas dishes they bought for me.

I have glasses that we used to buy at Long John Silver’s. We’d go every week so we could collect a set. To this day, Christmas makes me crave Long John Silver’s.

What about you? Do you get over-attached to your Christmas decorations?


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  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 21:40:01

    Wow, that’s a lot of storage! I don’t think I even have that much space! LOL

    We have a lot of nostalgia packed into a few boxes. 🙂


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