Goals the Week of THANKSGIVING VACATION (OMG I Thought It Would Never Get Here!)

I’m on va-ca-tion! I’m on va-ca-tion! I am on vacation!! I thought it would never get here. It’s a week and I don’t know how I’ll do everything, so I’m going to structure my list by day instead of for the whole week. In here, sometime, we’re getting Josh a car. He’s been a good sport about being without, but as it gets colder, he needs a dependable vehicle. I also want to get some reading done, maybe once the revisions are done. And do some TiVo watching. And of course spend time with Josh when he comes down.


1) grocery store

2) revisions

3) start a new book! WOOT!


1) Write a blurb

2) send out requests for reviews

3) revisions

4) work on new book! WOOT!

5) Facebook party for my friend Tori

6) make cranberry sauce


1) Finish revisions

2) Work on new book–WOOT!

3) Go see a movie!

4) Facebook party for my friend Autumn Piper


1) Breakfast with a friend

2) Work on new book–WOOT!


1) Thanksgiving at Mom’s

2) Work on new book–WOOT!


1) Decorate for Christmas. This is a big endeavor, which includes the tree and getting out my dishes, etc.

2) Work on new book–WOOT!

3) Maybe another movie


1) Work on new book–WOOT!

At some point, I’ll be working on edits from my editor, too, so there’s that. Good thing Christmas is coming, because I’m going to need another vacation!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 13:35:43

    Sounds fantastic! Enjoy it, and I hope it doesn’t fly by too fast. 🙂


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