Goals the Week of Open House

Our first cold front is here, and I’d totally be down with a weekend of rain, but it’s supposed to get nice, so I’m dragging Fred out back and getting him to help me clean up the patio.

Yes, we are having Open House in October. I guess it was the only week we weren’t ALREADY STAYING LATE! Honestly. Every. Week.

I did most of my list last week, but writing fell FAR behind. So far behind, I set the story aside and started a new one, and took Friday off to work on it. I got ten pages and it felt GOOD. STILL not back to exercising (trip to Austin Tuesday, staying late at school Wednesday, dentist Thursday). Need to work on that.

1) WRITE. Write write write. It keeps me sane.

2) Write Christmas program. I have it sketched out, but need to finish it. And need to start choreographing. 10 songs is a lot to choreograph, BTW.

3) Dentist.

4) Open House.

5) Practice with kids for another performance at HEB Plus.

6) Practice with kids for Veteran’s Day.

7) Duty two days.

8) Add books for review requests to two sites.

9) Blog at Samhain.



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