Quest for Phones

My husband was determined we were going to upgrade to new phones. He and I had 4s, my son had 4. He wanted them the weekend they came out, last weekend, but I wanted to wait for my Amazon check.

Which meant the hunt was on, since the phones are selling like hot cakes.

Friday night, after dinner, we went to Best Buy by our house, and missed getting the last 2 phones by about 15 minutes. Fine. We went to ANOTHER Best Buy, but they were sold out entirely.

Saturday morning, Fred went to both Apple stores, one twice, since they got a shipment in after his first visit, a Best Buy, 2 Best Buy mobiles, before calling and finding the phones we wanted in New Braunfels, about a half hour away.

An hour and a half AFTER arriving at Best Buy (WHY is it almost as hard to get a new phone as a new car??), we walked out with the phones, after telling the guy, “DON’T disable our son’s phone.” We’d planned to take it to him Saturday night after he got off work.

So we went to lunch and when we got out to the car, we had no service. All our phones had been turned off. We were still in New Braunfels, but heading back to SA, since we’d planned to go to Austin later. I boot up one of the new phones (the guy had assigned them our numbers but didn’t indicate which was mine and which was Fred’s, which caused a whole other mess later). I check email, and there’s a desperate email from Josh. He’s on assignment and his phone isn’t working. So we turn around, drive to Austin, having NO idea where to find Josh and how to get him his phone. I call the newspaper in town (he works for them, but at the Austin branch), and speak to his friend, actually, who puts me in contact with his Austin editor, who puts me in contact with a reporter at the same event. MEANWHILE, Josh is emailing me, and tells us where to meet him. We find him, he’s REALLY upset. We don’t even get out of the car, just hand over the phone and he dashes off to finish his job. He couldn’t give us his old phone because he hadn’t backed it up.

So, because we planned to sell back all three phones, we have to go BACK to Austin tonight to pick up his phone. I love my son, but I’m getting pretty tired of the I-35 corridor!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Oct 01, 2013 @ 17:33:18

    OMG, what a nightmare!


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