My main goal? BE HOME! It’s not looking too bad right now, but you never know.

Monday: new HIMYM, new Castle, new Sleepy Hollow, which was REALLY creepy, and the premiere of Mom.

Tuesday: new Chicago Fire, not sure what else

Wednesday: new Modern Family and Middle

Thursday: new Grey’s Anatomy

A lot of my favorites, like Arrow, don’t start until October, but still, a fun week.

1) Jury duty. It will be my first day off since school started.  I like the way SA does it–you spend a day down at the courthouse and get called or not, and you’re done for a couple of years.

2) Parent night. Dang it, and on Grey’s Anatomy night, too! Forgot about that.

3) Guest blog for Julie Kenner.

4) Write Write Write Write

5) Exercise. Again last week, my schedule kept me from getting home at a normal time! And if I’m going to have fun snacks for my TV viewing, I need to burn some calories!



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