My Crazy Weekend

I did not eat one meal in San Antonio this weekend. I went to Castroville for breakfast Saturday, then Mom, Joe and I went to their market days, where I got an adorable purse. We stopped at a few shops, and most importantly, the bakery.

I came home, napped, and woke up to get ready to go to Gruene, to see Hayes Carll, a singer-songwriter, play at Gruene Hall. I love Hayes Carll–Fred got me listening to his CDs last year. Fred’s seen him twice, but I wasn’t invited. When I saw he was going to be at Gruene Hall, the oldest dancehall in Texas, I bought tickets.

Fred and I went up early to eat at The Gristmill. We thought the place would be packed on a Saturday evening, but I guess the two Texas games–UT v Ole Miss and Aggies v Alabama–kept them home. So we were seated right away, and could hear Hayes’s soundcheck while we ate.

After dinner we got in line to get into the dancehall, and got up close. We met a few other people around our age, which I thought was cool.

The opening act was Mike and the Moonpies, who were pretty good, very energetic. And then Hayes came on, around 10:30 (we’d already been standing about 3 1/2 hours at that point, in a hall with no AC and a few hundred people). But it was so TOTALLY worth it. This is how close we were:


He played for about an hour, almost all my favorite songs, and then he started talking about people knowing his songs, about us singing along, and he was talking about his duet, that he needed someone to sing it with him.

Now. I know this song. I sing it just about EVERY day. I KNOW it. And I’ve had 4 Shiners at this point, not drunk, but certainly not my usual self. My hand goes up, and he heard me say, “I know it!”

He meets my gaze. “You know it?”

“I know it,” I said, and he waved me up.

Now, I’m not graceful on the best of days, but climbing onto a stage after 4 beers, in front of hundreds of people? Hayes reached down and helped me up, and showed me where to stand. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t. I mean, I’ve done karaoke, but this was different. I introduced myself only as Mary from San Antonio, and I could tell he wasn’t sure as he launched into the song.

Apparently I surprised everyone, especially Fred, for knowing this song as well as I did. I got a hug from Hayes and a big cheer, and Fred’s friends helped me off the stage. I still can’t believe I did that. The young crowd who’d been around us leaned over and high-fived me. It was hilarious.

After the show I got stopped a lot. One lady told me he’d tweeted that he needed someone to sing with him at the show the previous night, that she’d have to make her case. I wonder why he just picked someone out of the crowd Saturday.

I got in line to buy a shirt. Hayes was there, and Fred took our picture, and I got his autograph on my shirt. It was a blast, but I still can’t believe it happened. It’s one of those things out of a fantasy!


I barely slept Saturday night, finally falling into a good sleep around 6 AM, but the dog woke me at 9, and we went to the grocery store and went to Austin to declare Josh’s car DOA. Ugh. We took him out to eat, then took his friend back to San Marcos, and vegged on the couch Sunday night.

Honestly, I don’t know when I’m going to come down from this cloud!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elisabeth Crisp / @crisplyspoken
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 15:04:16

    Sounds like a lot of fun!


  2. kris
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 16:11:15

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! That took a ton of guts and faith and you DID IT!!!! I only wish I could have heard/seen it. What a fantabulous experience!


  3. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 16:21:13

    I am so very impressed with you! Stay on that high as long as you want! 🙂


  4. mjfredrick
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 19:50:08

    It was SUCH a blast. I still can’t believe it happened to me!


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