Goals for the Week the Crazy Begins

We had a faculty meeting last week and I came home a little overwhelmed by the schedule. We have a late night almost every week from here until Halloween. It’s not a terrible hardship, since I don’t have little kids to worry about, but it’s like going from 0 to 60, you know? Also got a notice that I’ll have a LOT of music interruptions coming up, AND I’m adding a 5th grade class, but losing a 1st grade class, so I need to redo the schedule.

This week:

1) Get a handle on this danged book.

2) A visit to the new Tech-Only library on Tuesday.

3) Faculty meeting Wednesday.

4) United Way meeting Thursday (I’m the coordinator again)

5) redo class schedule

6) Go see Hayes Carll in concert next weekend

7) Work on getting reviews for my books

I need a clone.


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