My Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today is my last day of summer vacation and it was not as productive as I hoped. I did a lot and learned a lot but didn’t relax much. I didn’t read as much as I usually do, I didn’t do any projects around the house. My inbox has more email now than on the last day of school (though my Google Reader is almost empty. I mean Feedly. My blog feed thing.) The time just went too quickly.

Here are what my goals were, and how I did.

1) Write 2 Christmas novellas, one historical and one contemporary.–Yup. Have minor revisions on the contemporary one.
2) Write and publish another novella.–Yup.
3) Get a good start on the first novel in my new series.–Nope. Started another novella instead. The novel was just….not me. I may revisit it, but for now, it’s not the right one.

House goals:

1) Clean garage–NOPE
2) Clean sewing room and KEEP IT THAT WAY–Kinda
3) Clean kitchen cabinets–Nope, though I gave some stuff to Josh for his apartment.
4) Straighten bathroom cabinets–nope
5) Clean closet–kinda. Couldn’t tell now though.

Fun goals:

1) Do something with Mom once a week. Our list includes trips to Fredericksburg, Seguin, Schulenberg, IKEA…–we did a LOT, but never got to Schulenberg. Castroville twice, Luling, a couple of weeks just shopping in town.
2) Sew up fabric–AND some that I bought this summer. All but one piece.
3) Catch up on reading–I read 8 books, which is less than one a week. I had one I didn’t finish, and I’m halfway through #9.
4) Hang out with Trish at the beach–did and had fun, but didn’t relax then, either.
5) Visit my dad in MN–ditto
6) Movies, almost weekly!–Saw Man of Steel twice, White House Down, World War Z, but never got to Pacific Rim, Elysium or Wolverine.

I guess I didn’t do too too bad, especially since my goal was to see what I could do writing full-time. I did about 10,000 words a week. I also lost some weight (not a huge amount, but enough to make me aware of what I’m eating.)


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  1. Mary Curry
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 11:14:36

    Sounds pretty productive to me, MJ. We never really accomplish all our grandiose goals, but you do more than anyone I know.


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