Goals for the Last Week of July


This week is more about balance. I did pretty well on most of my goals, except sewing (got derailed on a project with flimsy, slippery fabric that is NO fun.) I will NOT watch 30-plus episodes of a show on Netflix. I will keep up my house better (was MORTIFIED Friday night when Josh brought home a date and there were baskets of laundry and shopping bags all over the counter, not to mention I hadn’t swept in a couple of days.)


  1. Make revisions on beach story
  2. Read other beach stories for continuity.
  3. Get a haircut so it can calm down by the first day of school
  4. Work on wedding planner
  5. Add reader letters/sample chapters to my self-published books
  6. Plan Eden launch party
  7. Day with Mom
  8. Exercise daily. Down 8 pounds from July 8.
  9. Work in yard
  10. Clean laundry room
  11. Finish skirts and cut out dress. One skirt is a snap, the other is a PITA. Naturally, the machine is threaded for the PITA.
  12. NOT FREAK OUT that I’m running out of summer!

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