Goals for the Week of….NOTHING? (Is that possible?)

Okay, just because nothing BIG is going on doesn’t mean I won’t be busy. I’m editing a book and a novella and I want to start writing my wedding planner book. Plus today is Josh’s party.

This week:

1) Get the house ready for Josh’s party. Need to sweep and do some furniture rearranging, and hopefully leaf-blow the patio.

2) Go to the grocery store.

3) work on edits for Starfish Shores

4) work on edits for Eden’s Promise

5) Work on promotion plans for Eden’s Promise

6) Start Wedding Planner story

7) Continue exercising every day. I’d lost 2 pounds by Thursday (a drop in the bucket, let me tell you, but encouraging.) I’ve not eaten well Friday and yesterday, and today will be a challenge as well.

8) Day with Mom.

9) Take the boy shopping for his birthday present.

I think that’s it! Last week I spent 4 days home, and hopefully I can do the same again!


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