Places I’d Love to See

This summer I had a working vacation and a family vacation. Because Josh will be living off-campus this year, I’m wary of spending money to go on a third vacation–plus I need to stay home and write. But I’ve been thinking about all the places I would love to see. The priority changes as my interests do, and there are some repeats in there, too.

1) Yellowstone. This is at the top of my list. Would love to see the area and the wildlife. I’m not really an outdoor person, but this one really appeals.

2) Cody, Wyoming, the rodeo capital of the US. Dad and Sue went there and said they have a great museum, and lots of other sites.

3) Deadwood, since we’re keeping with a western theme here.

4) De Smet. Because of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Also her museum in Missouri.

5) Santa Fe, NM. I’ve heard so much about it, how much I’d love it. I want to go.

6) Sedona, AZ, because of the Woo-woo factor.

7) Astoria, Washington, because it just looks cool, and it reminds me of those Jill Shalvis books.

8) The Outer Banks. Again, I’ve heard of them and want to see.

9) Chinocoteague and Assateague Islands, because of Misty.

10) Colorado, because I’ve never been.

11) Maine, because of the lighthouses and Stephen King.

12) Asheville, because it looks cool.

13) Hawaii, though I don’t think I could handle the long flight.

14) Alaska, but ditto.

Where would you want to go?


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