Shipping (Not the Postal Kind)

I’ve been watching the new show Defiance on SyFy because I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic shows (except Revolution. I just don’t like the main girl, or her mother.) This one is after a war and there are aliens on Earth and they terra-formed it to suit their needs, so there are weird plants and such. The main character is Nolan, who has promised the alien daughter he adopted that he’ll take her to the paradise that is Antarctica. They end up settling in old St. Louis, and he becomes a law keeper. The mayor is played by Julie Benz (Darla from Angel), and her sister Kenya (seriously, I’m so bad at names, but this one I remember!) runs the brothel. Nolan has, er, taken advantage of Kenya’s services a time or two and I LOVE them together, but the story is turning in a different direction. Trish wants Nolan with the mayor. I think they have no chemistry, so I’m “shipping” Nolan and Kenya.

“Shipping” is the term for fans who wish for a certain onscreen couple to be together. It’s short for “relationshipping,” and from what I remember of the Internet, started with Mulder and Scully from the X-Files.

I’m a big “shipper.” If there isn’t a possible romantic connection, I’m not interested in the show, for the most part.

Other couples I ship–

Daryl and Carol from The Walking Dead. Yes, she’s a LITTLE bit older (she’s my age, and I think he’s a little older than my brother), she’s a widow who’s also lost her child, but he’s a reformed bad boy who’s lost his brother. Don’t you see how they can turn to each other and lean on each other?

Oliver and Felicity in Arrow. Lauren WHO? I love Katie Cassidy, but Oliver belongs with smart, loyal, adorable Felicity. When he was carrying her in the elevator shaft, I was reminded of Star Wars, and wanted just one little kiss, so he could see how great she is.

Alex and Jo on Grey’s Anatomy. Friends to lovers, my very favorite trope. And Alex needs reason to love again after crazy Izzy.

Now, shipping has bitten me before–I shipped Damien and Elena on Vampire Diaries, and when they got together, I quit watching. But mostly because Elena was a vampire and almost killed Caroline and I just…eh.

I shipped Wade and…ah, forgot her name. Main chick, Hart of Dixie. They got together, but the writers made it a triangle with George. Also, main chick was annoying.

So, do you ship? Who?


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  1. Patricia Preston
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 18:59:00

    I hope to go see it next weekend. Looking forward to Thor this fall, too!


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