Available Now–Taking the Bull by the Horns

This is a re-release of my 2009 novella for the Wayback, Texas series. I think it sold about 100 copies, all told.

Lavender Prouty has always lived in the Texas town of Cascade. Everyone in her family fled the small town, leaving her with her ailing grandmother. She’s so accustomed to denying herself, she doesn’t know how to react when a handsome cowboy flirts with her during a field trip to the fairgrounds.

Taylor Craig hasn’t always been a steer wrestler, but he doesn’t talk about his past. He’s made enough money to buy a spread near Big Bend, and he loves the cowboy life. Rodeoing answers his need to wander.

When he meets Lavender, those needs shift. He likes how she treats her class, likes her humor, is intrigued by her shyness. Women are always throwing themselves at him, but now he’ll do the chasing.

Can Taylor’s charm lower Lavender’s defenses?

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

Taking the bull by the horns final 1600x2400


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