Goals the Week of Nashville

Since we’re at the beach and all.

I’m sitting on my bed in the condo at Gulf Shores. Trish and Tanya are asleep, and it’s raining. I fell asleep around 2 AM and woke up around 7. I should take advantage of the rainy weather and sleep, but I just can’t. I figure I’ll sleep all day Thursday, when I get home, lol.

We had a good plotting session yesterday, and I’m excited to get started on this novella. Need to finish the one I’m working on first.

This week:

1) Enjoy my time with Trish. We drive back to Nashville tomorrow, a 9 hour drive from here. We’re going to sight-see in Nashville on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I fly home Wednesday afternoon.

2) Sleep. I’m very nearly a zombie, since I’ve slept around 4-5 hours a night for the past week.

3) Laundry! There will be a ton when I get home.

4) Spray the yard for skeeters, since that will be my “office” the next few weeks. I got something you attach to the hose, and it’s supposed to last for 8 weeks. We’ll see.

5) Finish the novella I’m working on.


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